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420 Camp Ages 11-17

420 Camp provides a introduction to the basics of sailing for teens. Students spend the first day learning the basic knots, points of sail, rules of sail, and sail trim to help them prepare for when they go out on the water in the afternoon. They also undergo the "tiptest" to make sure that they know what to do if their boat tips over. In the afternoon they go out on the water.

The 420 campers spend a full week of 9-3 classes learning to basics of sailing This format allows the sailors to create deep bonds with their peers, while the instructors have more opportunities to teach the skills. Sailors may choose to repeat the camp more during the same summer to continue improving while sharing their skills with the new campers who are just starting. 

420 Camp Classes meet 5 days a week from 9am - 3 pm.

Lunches available for purchase during registration.

Week 1

June 10-14

Week 2

June 17-21

Week 3

June 24-28

Week 4

July 1-5 *

Week 5

July 15-19

Week 6

July 22-26

Week 7

July 29-August 2

Week 8

August 5-9

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