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On behalf of the Geneva Lake Sailing School, we would once again like to thank those who contributed to the new building at the Buddy Melges Sailing Center.  The goal of the new facility, a joint effort between the GLSS and LGYC, is to become a center of sailing excellence teaching basics to Olympic levels, hosting regattas and training events and continuing the tradition and love of the sport as exemplified by everything in Buddy’s sailing career.  We are so proud and pleased that this building provides the necessary foundation to support our mission.    
Now that the new facility is complete, GLSS (together with LGYC) endeavors to make the Buddy Melges Sailing Center a premier sailing center regionally, nationally and internationally.  As the second (and final) phase of our capital plan, GLSS seeks to raise a Capital Endowment Fund to provide the programming, support, resources and environment for the future generations of Corinthian sailors who aspire to reach their goals and dreams.  These funds will support our immediate capital needs and endow the GLSS for the future.   

We hope you will join the many friends and patrons in support of this effort to ensure GLSS has sufficient financial resources to fulfill its mission in the present and the future.  We would be happy to talk with you directly once you had the opportunity to review the fundraising information.   


Please do not hesitate to email Tom Freytag at or call him on 312-296-6031 to discuss.
Fundraising Team

Geneva Lake Sailing School

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