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The BMRT will support two events in Florida over this winter. Frist, in February we will go to the Valentine's Day regatta in St Petersburg, FL, and the Sunshine State Championship in Jensen Beach, FL. We will bring a trailer with boats to the events and provide coaching for all team members. To sign up for team coaching click on the link below please. 

After the Sunshine State Championships, we will bring the boats back to Lake Geneva, and have a practice on the first weekend of April. Then qualified team members will travel to San Francisco, CA for the National Team Trails. After that event, we will resume practices at GLSS. 


Valentines Regatta, St. Pete, FL                                                          2/9-11

Sunshine State Championship , Jensen, FL                              3/8-10

Practice 1/2                                                                                                         4/6-7

National Team Trial, St. Francisco, CA                                            4/13-21

Practice 3/4                                                                                                        4/27-28

Practice 5/6                                                                                                        5/4-5

Practice 7/8                                                                                                         5/11-12

X Boat Spring Clinic                                                                                      5/18-19

  • BRMT Practices on Saturday are rigged and ready at 10am, Sundays are 9am.

  • All sailors should come dressed in running shoes and be prepared to exercise.

  • Bring a lunch in a waterproof pouch for each day. 

  • Practices are $90/day.

  • You may come for one day only, please inquire at 

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