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X Boat Race Team

X Boat Race Team is a advanced class which purpose is to set the foundation of racing the traditional X boat. Classes run Monday - Friday 12:30pm- 3:30pm  with the exception of days when the team is taking part in a GLSS supported regatta.  Each team (one crew and one skipper) will work together in order to win races. The basis of the class is team communication and advanced racing strategies/ techniques. All members of the race team will also get coaching at Trap, GLSS Dinghy Fest, Xtreme regatta and ILYA Championships. 

X Boat racing season starts on June 10 and runs through the end of the X Boat Inland Championship. Team practices are in the afternoon from 12:30-3:30.  Coaching at the Dinghyfest and other selected regattas is included

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