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WOW 2023

Summer WOW Schedule

June Practices are over, but based on popular demand, we will extend WOW Wednesdays through the summer. The class will meet at 5 for fun two-hour lessons with our experienced instructors. You can sign up a day at a time. The class size is limited to the 8.  

July / August LGYC Race Series:


Racing will start on July 6, and will be organized by the Lake Geneva Yacht Club. The participants can charter a Sonar for the Series via each team’s s Boat Captain. The Captain will be responsible for procuring the charter via online registration link below, making the charter payment and building out their team. Each team will be responsible for launching and retrieving their own Sonars.

  • Club Sonars will be available for Charter on a first come, first serve basis with Magellan participation factoring into situations where there is a tie with registration timing. 

  • Boat Captain’s will be responsible for paying the Charter Fee of $1000, fee is non-refundable, no rainchecks

  • Boat Captain may charter more than one Sonar

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