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WOW 2023

Spring 2023 WOW 

Summer 2023 WOW Schedule
In the 2023 season we will continue offering a training program for beginners, intermediate sailors and race team at GLSS. Wednesdays in June will be devoted to teaching sailing skills to novices and those who still want to be more confident in their skills.  These will focus on the fundamental skills necessary to safely operate a small keelboat. On Thursdays we will also run a series of practices for sailing teams who are preparing to compete at the LGYC races. These training sessions will focus on the competitive aspects of sailing from start to finish and will include spinnaker work. We will have 7 boats available for the program and that will allow us to accommodate up to 28 sailors in each group. 

The Summer Series will be divided into two parts beginner/ intermediate training on Wednesdays and Advanced practices on Thursdays in June. 

Learn to Sail 
• Wednesdays May 31/ June 7 / June 14 / June 21 and June 28, all sessions start a 5PM

Racing Practices
• Thursdays June 1 / June 8 / June 15 / June 22 and June 29, all sessions start a 5PM

WOW participants will charter a Sonar for the Series via each team’s self-designated Boat Captain. The Boat Captain will be responsible for procuring the charter via online registration link (which will be provided), making the charter payment and building out their team. Each team will be responsible for launching and retrieving their own Sonars.

  • Club Sonars will be available for Charter on a first come, first serve basis with Magellan participation factoring into situations where there is a tie with registration timing. 

  • Registrations will be for either a seasonal charter or individual evening - but season charters will take precedence. 

  • Boat Captain’s will be responsible for paying the Charter Fee of $1000 for each season. 

  • A “Boat Captain” will be anybody who takes the initiative and charters a Sonar. No individual may charter more than one Sonar.

  • Boat Captains will be responsible for filling out their team.

  • Boat Captains and their crew will be responsible for launching and retrieving their chartered Sonars. 

  • The same Charter rules as set forth above will apply to both the Summer Thursday Series.

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