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The BMRT offers coaching and support for Melges 15 teams during the 2025 Winter Series. We will run a practice on the day leading up to the event to get you ready to compete. During the regatta, we will provide coaching and support including a morning briefing with weather forecasting. While on the water the coach will update weather info, provide measurement of the water currents and other helpful information. Each team will receive individual pre- and post-race analysis and after sailing the coach will debrief the day’s races. The coach will also carry supplies and spare parts, assist in case of a breakdown or capsize and provide a tow in and out in light wind conditions. 
It is proven that having top level support at an event helps competitors maximize their performance. Sailors in the heat of the race often lose track of the big picture as they mainly focus on their immediate surroundings. The coaches provide an outside perspective as they can see things that the sailors miss. We analyze the most important components of your sailing success: speed, strategy, and tactics while you are racing, identify if there is a problem and offer a solution. In most cases even a small adjustment can result in a dramatic improvement. Our coaching services are available to competitors of all ages and skill levels, even an old dog can learn a new trick. As coaches, we often see that young and more seasoned sailors alike have certain tendencies as they revert to repetitive patterns. While a good routine is very helpful, a flawed one can result in preventable mistakes. That is when the coach steps in and helps you tweak the procedures. We will not try to change everything overnight but make incremental adjustments that you can process and apply in real time.

Simply said, if you ever finished a race and wondered “what did just happen?!”, you need to join our team and get the answers right there at the finish line.

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